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What is MyPaw? (Midland Youth Promoting Animal Welfare) - a youth membership program specifically designed for youth 8-17 years of age.   Their mission is : To help the Humane Society of Midland County to raise funds and educate our generation on caring for animals.

Each member is required to attend a meeting one per month, follow fundraising leads assigned to him/her, and at least once per year chair or participate on a committee responsible for the My Paw portion of a particular HSOMC event from start to finish. 

This group, can best be characterized as a bunch of enthusiastic kids who help the HSomC to raise funds and educate their generation on caring for animals.   MyPaw members organize and participate in a wide variety of events.   MyPaw team has been involved in a long list of events and activities:

  • Walking and handing out brochures (and candy !) at the Santa Day, Loons and Memorial day parades
  • Helping at adoption events
  • Host informational tables at many of the Humane Society events



If you are interested in joining please complete the application and release document


Release & Waiver