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We have renamed her "Mya" & absolutely adore her. She has been a great addition to our family.

MyaI wanted you to know that I took Mya to the vet recently just to make sure everything about Mya was good. I know that the animals are checked by a vet during their stay at the Animal Shelter, but this was just a "2nd opinion" check up. I found out the Mya is not a husky mix, but a Sheba Inu mix. My vet was very impressed. I had never heard of a Sheba Inu until I was at Soldan's purchasing some things for Mya. The clerks there had said the same thing....that Mya was not husky, but Sheba Inu. A neighbor down the street asked me when did I decide to purchase a Sheba Inu. And then 2 customers at the vet thought she was a beautiful Sheba Inu as well as the vet. They showed me pictures of a Sheba Inu breed & it looked just like Mya. So it is confirmed....Mya is a Sheba Inu mix. Whatever she is, she is one of a kind. We love her.


Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide.

The Diamonds & Mya



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