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Dogs 5,192
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Dogs 815
Cats 1,245
TOTAL 2,060

2015 Release Rates

 Dog 99% 
 Cat 98% 

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"Improving the lives of companion animals”

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Rufus has made his way into everyone's hearts. We took him with us to petoskey this weekend & even strangers were stopping to say hello to him.

RufusThe dogs get along fine except for one moment. Rufus even walks under her belly, which is pretty funny.
We're so glad we were able to give him a forever home. He's a great companion for my son, especially. He's too cool at twelve (my son) to be very affectionate, except with Rufus. We've decided they have the same birthday since they're both twelve:)
You must miss him given how much we love him already after just two weeks!  He's getting lots of love & spoiling.



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