Since 2011

Dogs 5,192
Cats 8,177
TOTAL 13,369

      Total for 2016        (through December)

Dogs 815
Cats 1,245
TOTAL 2,060

2015 Release Rates

 Dog 99% 
 Cat 98% 

Our Mission

"Improving the lives of companion animals”

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We appreciate the Humane Society and all that you volunteers do for these animals! I wanted to share a picture of Puddles, who is now named Oliver (Ollie for short). He learned his new name in a just a few days and is so smart and such a great part of our little family.

OllieHe loves going for walks and everyone stops to pet him and he absolutely LOVES it... He is such a happy dog and we can't imagine our lives without him! This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we took a trip to the beach. Ollie is definitely an explorer and wherever we go he loves to run around and sniff anything and everything. 

 Thank you, for helping us get our little Ollie! We will always promote adopting dogs (and cats) from the Humane Society :)






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