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Madison (formerly Arlene)

Hi HSoMC, I wanted to let you all know that we feel blessed to have found Madison (formerly Arlene).  We can't thank you enough for keeping this little girl safe until we we were able to find each other.

You all already knew that she was a special hound dog, but we can confirm she is one in a million.  She is her human dad's shadow following him everywhere he goes. When she is not around dad, she is either playing or napping with her furry brother, Bailey.  When she is not doing that, which doesn't leave much time, she is either at the dog park with human mom or howling at her two furry sisters (cats).

She was quick to learn 'sit,' 'wait,' 'down' and 'paw.'  We've had to work on 'leave it' with the squirrels with her and her brother.  Her brother, an impressionable lab/chow mix, now thinks he is a hound dog that should be chasing squirrels up trees.  We can't wait to see what his little sister teaches him next!

Madison not only makes us smile but everyone she meets.  Once she starts to wiggle with excitement, you just can't help but smile!

Thank you for all for helping connect us with Madison.

Please feel free to use any portion of this or the attached image on your site.

Jenn and Andy Loughnane





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