“Spokesbird” Mascot - Tango


2017 catbird mascot tango

Melanie and Jim are the proud parents of Tango, a beautiful five-year-old Jenday Conure parrot who is the 2017 HSOMC mascot and “spokesbird” for homeless cats. Tango is brightly colored with feathers in shades of green, yellow, orange and blue. He is quite chatty but only a few words are recognizable - he will say “night night” when he's tired and ready for bed.

Tango is quite a character with a dynamic personality, and he loves hanging out with his “flock"! Tango's favorite places to hang out are on top of Melanie's head or snuggled inside Jim's shirt, with just his head peeking out at the neck. Tango also gets along great with his brother Ruger, the family’s 100-pound chocolate lab. He has even been known to catch a ride on Ruger's back from time to time. Both Ruger and Tango are great travelers and love to go to the family cottage up north - either by car or by air in Jim's
airplane. When the family does fly, Tango clearly takes on the co-pilot role to make sure Jim is doing a good job piloting!

Tango likes to eat fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and parrot pellets. He loves grapes and berries, but papaya is his favorite. Tango has two cages, a larger one for daytime use, which is full of toys, climbing ropes and perches; and another smaller cage for sleeping. Since Tango is only 5 years old and parrots can live for up to 25-30 years, this “spokesbird” will be around as a lively family member for many years to come.

Dog Mascot - Sailor

2017 dog mascot sailorThe 2017 HSOMC dog mascot is Sailor, a 4 year old golden retriever. Sailor was a surprise Christmas gift from Abbie to her husband, Gary. He is very affectionate and protective and is fantastic with their 3 year old son. He also gets along great with other animals and loves a good play with fellow dog friends.

Sailor is not a fan of fetching, but he loves going for a walk, riding in the car, swimming, and chasing rocks at the family lake home in Traverse City. He loves the water so much that getting him out can be a bit of a challenge.

Abbie says that Sailor has brought the entire family closer together and increased their passion for animals. Gary claims that Sailor is the best Christmas present he ever received. It is very heartwarming to know that a beautiful animal can make such a positive difference in the lives of all the family members.

Jeremy is the proud owner of Tom Cat, the 2016 HSOMC cat mascot. Tom Cat is a 14 pound, 10 year old orange tabby who was adopted from Kitty Korner at PetSmart many years ago. He loves to sleep, play chase with his doggie friends, and knock things off the counters and top of the refrigerator that the dogs like to eat. Due to some dietary restrictions, he eats EVO canned cat food which he loves. Tom Cat purrs like a motorcycle engine and drools like a leaking faucet while he’s purring. That is, undeniably, quite cute.

Several years ago, Tom Cat went outside to take a stroll through the neighborhood and did not return. Posters, signs, and door to door searches yielded no results, and Jeremy was worried that he might be gone forever. Fortunately, he was found by Woodcrest School 2 months later. Although he had lost some weight during this ordeal, Tom Cat looked remarkably healthy. After this adventure, he is now content to spend his time in the screened in porch or on the cement patio. Jeremy is very thankful that he and Tom Cat were reunited, and the two of them continue to enjoy each other’s companionship and friendship.

The 2016 HSOMC dog mascot is Romeo, an 11 year old silver/brindle Cairn terrier who was acquired from a breeder when he was a puppy. His owner, Paula, says his name fits his personality as he is a very kind and loving dog. He is very social, gets along well with other canines, and likes to be at the center of any party. Paula says, “He thinks he’s human.”

Romeo likes to play catch and loves being outdoors whether he is taking his daily walk or chasing squirrels in the yard. He has lots of funny antics including laying across Paula’s keyboard when she is working at home as if to say enough is enough.

Romeo is Paula’s constant companion who provides her immeasurable joy and is a perfect complement to her demanding work schedule. He lovingly greets her when she returns from work after a long day and is always ready to help her entertain guests. Romeo’s personality is very compatible with Paula’s lifestyle and needs, and he loves to travel with her on vacation. Paula says, “His bags are always packed.” Needless to say, Romeo has significantly enriched Paula’s life and is her perfect companion.