bailey lola with caption2018 Dog Mascots - Bailey & Lola

In 2016, the Davis family lost their beloved Dachshund, Mercedes. Knowing they loved the loyal and intelligent Dachshund breed, a year later, they began their search for a new companion. Through a recommendation of a friend, they were led to a local breeder, and soon made the decision to bring two Miniature Dachshund puppies into their family! At just five days old they met Bailey and Lola! The feisty brother/sister duo came home at nine weeks and have been bringing nothing but joy to the Davis family ever since!

Lola, the smaller of the siblings, is a fireball of energy with confidence! She is the one in charge of her brother, and maybe even the entire family. Lola likes chasing the squirrels and birds in the yard, but also loves to snuggle at night in her blanket. Bailey, the sensitive boy, is larger in size and has a huge heart. He loves playing with his sister which usually means chasing her around the house or yard! He’s also a self-proclaimed cuddle bug who loves being near his mom and dad. Bailey’s naps usually involve him on his back, feet straight in the air while Lola is snuggled next to him! These siblings are best friends, truly inseparable! The Davis family has fostered and adopted rescues throughout the years and will likely adopt more dogs into their loving family once Bailey and Lola are grown.