2018 Mascot Willow

willow with captionWillow, or “Will” as his friends call him, is an HSoMC Alumni, who has been referred to as “The coolest boy cat in Midland County!” This 3 year old Tabby cat was adopted in March of 2015, when the Wilson family children began begging for their very own cat. Will settled in quickly with the family dog, Lollie, and was soon joined by new sister, Lilly.

He is a loving cat, who always chooses to be around his humans, cuddling and sitting on laps whenever he can. Laps are great and all, but Will’s favorite spot is over your shoulder, just like a burping baby, his Mom says! He is described as a bit of a cat nip addict, and interestingly enough, Willow also loves celery leaves, which are said to hold the same properties as cat nip. As a strictly indoor cat, Will also likes to explore his wild side every now and then. He actively scans the windows for unknowing birds, chirping at them and dreaming of what could happen if he could just go after them one time! He loves to run and play and is a great climber. Willow also enjoys taking part in regular cat activities such as knocking things off of random surfaces just to see what happens (per his family, glasses of water, and eggs are among the items he’s experimented with!).

Willow is the true definition of the kind of joy and happiness a rescued cat can bring into a home.