Of the more than 800 dogs we rescued in 2015, 58 were classified as "seniors" – aged 5 years and older, depending on the breed. One common misconception about older dogs is that they are "problem dogs." Yet most of them have lost their homes, not because of their behavior or temperament, but because of changes in the lives or circumstances of their original owners. And because it’s common for most senior dogs to have medical issues requiring added care and cost, they are often overlooked by potential adopters in favor of younger dogs.

But seniors or "gray muzzles" as they are fondly called are just as deserving of permanent homes. They sense when they have received a second chance at the rest of their lives, and anyone wise enough to adopt one will be the lucky recipient of a love as unconditional as it is enduring.

With this in mind, we proudly announce the launch of a series entitled "Seniors’ Storybook Tails" written by Nomi Berger. Each "tail" will recount the experiences of an adopter of one of our senior dogs, and will be posted both on our web site under "Happy Tails" and on our Face Book page.

We hope you find these "tails" enlightening and heartwarming. We hope they induce you to consider adopting a senior of your own. We also hope they encourage you to contribute to the seniors in our care to help offset their medical expenses.