Although Angela wasn’t specifically looking for an older dog, she fell in love with a certain terrier mix, first from a photo on Face Book and then in "paw-son" at the local shelter.

I wanted an already ‘baked’ dog," she admits. "No puppy training needed. And fine Mr. Fisher fit the bill perfectly.

Her last dog, a Havanese named Pepper, had died of congestive heart failure in December 2015, and adopting 7-year-old Mr. Fisher from HSoMC made Angela a new mom all over again. Because he was found as a stray on M20, the dog with the dignified name came with no history and no past. Of course, there were hints here and there as to his previous behaviors, such as being allowed on the furniture (a no-no in her home) and being fed table food (another no-no).

"Someone had clearly trained him," says Angela, "because he responds quite well to commands, and has acclimated himself to our home quickly and comfortably. He’s also very friendly, and likes everyone equally, including children, adults and strangers. But whenever I take him for a walk, I watch him follow every car that passes, and I can’t help wondering if he’s looking for his former family."

Somewhat sly about going outdoors to potty, Mr. Fisher does so silently, when the family’s asleep … and then … oops … And so, for the time being, night time means crate time, which this doggy doesn’t especially enjoy. And he’s not much for table manners, either, impishly using "the carpeting as a napkin after he’s eaten." However, when it comes to paper towels, napkins and purses, unlike their late Havanese, Pepper, Mr. Fisher politely leaves all of them alone.

"Best of all," admits Angela, "he makes me laugh. Although Pepper can never be replaced, Mr. Fisher has very quickly found his own little corner in my heart. And I hope soon to train him, as I did with Pepper, to become a therapy dog.

"Ironically, despite having rescued two Greyhounds in the past, I’ve been receiving kudos NOW, for this particular adoption. Is it ‘in’ to rescue these days? Because I neither rescued nor adopted to be ‘a good guy’. I adopted because I fell in love with the picture of a rescued dog on Face Book. And I would adopt a senior dog again in a heartbeat."