September 2017

Updated October 2017

Bernadette is a 6 year old cat who arrived at HSoMC as a stray. Bernadette came to HSoMC as a stray. She had clearly been someone's pet, as she is spayed and 4-paw declawed. The beautiful, sweet cat was quickly adopted.

However, she was quickly returned to the shelter because she had become aggressive and was chewing the fur from her legs.


An x-ray showed that her claws had begun to regrow into the tissue in her paws into calcifications and deformities. This was causing her tremendous pain--to the point where she was lashing out at those attempting to care for her. Generous donors gave to HSoMC and Bernadette got her reconstructive surgery.

An amazing vet in the Detroit area, Dr. Dyer, was able to perform a salvage surgery on all of her paws to remove those boney chunks and re-attach tendons. Within hours of surgery, Bernadette was much more comfortable.  Now 3 weeks post-op, she is affectionate and loving again. She likes her cheeks scratched and gives regular headbutts and purrs.

bernadette surgery

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