October 2017


Bo was most likely hit by a car on 4/18/17 by Bay City Road and Waldo. Police were dispatched and attempted to catch him, but he took flight and they couldn’t get him. The following day he was spotted again running  across the highway near James Savage and Saginaw Roads. He was obviously injured and frightened. Police, animal control and two HSoMC Staff members joined to catch the rascal.

After a few hours, Bo eventually wore himself out. He trapped himself in a window well, further injuring himself.  HSoMC took him to River Rock Animal Hospital, where they were able to get him taken care of.

Bo had earned himself a dislocated rear hip, some bruising, and a broken toe.  River Rock took care of him and by the end of the day, he was looking a lot better!

Following a few nights stay with the vet, he was able to head into a foster home, where he recovered for the next few months. Bo was adopted in August.

Update: In October, Bo was joined by an adoptive sister, Zenzi!