November 2017

We are conducting renovations of the dog area at the Humane Society of Midland County shelter. We received a grant from a Michigan organization whose mission is to help organizations that focus on the improvement of the environment and the wellbeing of animals.  We are removing the small cages and putting in stand-up cages for the dogs. The smaller cages will replace some of the old, worn out cat cages. This will improve the living conditions of the animals who stay with us on their way to their forever homes.


Update: The door has been moved from the corner into the middle of the wall to allow for standup kennels on either side.We also have a door with a window now to avoid collisions. We can't wait to get our new kennels!


Renovations began November 13, 2017 and dogs are currently being fostered with our wonderful volunteers. Thank you for being so patient while we fix up the shelter!