September 2017

With all of the devastation in the news, we want to share a story with a happy ending. The star of this "Tail" is Shopan.

At 11-years-old Shopan was surrendered by her owners, with no explanation. She had fleas and a severe skin allergy and had scratched her tail, rear, and legs so badly she the skin was bald and visibly raw.

shopan before

HSoMC took her in and began to treat her wounds. The shelter made her nervous and she was placed in a foster home to heal.

Shopan's foster parents discovered that she was eager to please. Her skin healed and fur grew back. Shopan now has her spunk back. She loves running, chasing, snuggling squirrels, and napping.

She was adopted and has been in her new home for about six weeks.

shopan after

Check out this video of Shopan learning some new tricks!

This is a common story. Dogs and cats are surrendered by their owners or abandoned every week in Midland County. It is because of your support that HSoMC can rescue and place them in new, loving homes. Visit our Donation page to continue making a difference.