December 2017

This story about a blind dog has a wonderful happy ending. Rock was at the Cass County Shelter for two months. When they reached out to HSoMC to help with some of the animals that had been in the shelter for a while, we brought some of their dogs to Midland. 

Shortly after coming to HSoMC, Rock's owner (who lives in Indiana) began contacting Michigan shelters. He contacted the Cass County shelter and they knew right away which dog he was talking about! They contacted us and the rest is history!


The morning of December 29 HSoMC staff arrived to a senior male cat left in a frozen plastic tote with a rock on top. He was extremely cold and had his own feces frozen to his body. Leaving him like this in these elements could have killed him.

We understand it's often hard to know what to do with stray animals but in these weather conditions this is never the answer! Midland City Police can and will transport stray animals in need during the winter and there are many volunteers in the community willing to help get these animals to us safely after hours. If you find an animal after hours please, please call non emergency dispatch or message our FB page or Lost Pets in Midland and we can refer you accordingly!


We got him warmed up and he went to his furever home on Janurary 5.

Midland Daily News covered the story.