October 2017


Bo was most likely hit by a car on 4/18/17 by Bay City Road and Waldo. Police were dispatched and attempted to catch him, but he took flight and they couldn’t get him. The following day he was spotted again running  across the highway near James Savage and Saginaw Roads. He was obviously injured and frightened. Police, animal control and two HSoMC Staff members joined to catch the rascal.

After a few hours, Bo eventually wore himself out. He trapped himself in a window well, further injuring himself.  HSoMC took him to River Rock Animal Hospital, where they were able to get him taken care of.

Bo had earned himself a dislocated rear hip, some bruising, and a broken toe.  River Rock took care of him and by the end of the day, he was looking a lot better!

Following a few nights stay with the vet, he was able to head into a foster home, where he recovered for the next few months. Bo was adopted in August.

Update: In October, Bo was joined by an adoptive sister, Zenzi!


November 2017

In September, HSoMC was able to rescue 14 shelter dogs from the Florida area to make room for pets that were looking for their owners. Check out this link for the story.


One of the dogs, Penny, found a home and has two new sisters. She loves her new home!


We are so happy for you, Penny!

November 2017

We are conducting renovations of the dog area at the Humane Society of Midland County shelter. We received a grant from a Michigan organization whose mission is to help organizations that focus on the improvement of the environment and the wellbeing of animals.  We are removing the small cages and putting in stand-up cages for the dogs. The smaller cages will replace some of the old, worn out cat cages. This will improve the living conditions of the animals who stay with us on their way to their forever homes.


Update: The door has been moved from the corner into the middle of the wall to allow for standup kennels on either side.We also have a door with a window now to avoid collisions. We can't wait to get our new kennels!


Renovations began November 13, 2017 and dogs are currently being fostered with our wonderful volunteers. Thank you for being so patient while we fix up the shelter!

October 2017

The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp, and the spooky Halloween festivities are coming to an end.  Fall is in full swing. With the colder months fast approaching, our furry friends need extra help. Especially strays, they need shelter, warmth, food, and love. We would like to take a moment to thank all of the generous supporters who have helped HSoMC over the years.

We would like to share one of our more recent stories of a cat named Bonfire whose future was uncertain.  


Bonfire was saved by good samaritans and HSoMC volunteers. He was found in an ashy bonfire with severe medical issues. He came in severely malnourished, weighing only 3.5lbs. He was infested with parasites and had a broken pelvis from an old injury. When he made it to HSoMC, the staff gave him steroid injections, antibiotics, and deworming meds. 

He is now healthy and over 8lbs., can walk, and is using a litter box. He is a little bit shy and would be best in a home without stairs. He is now back at the shelter after recovering with a foster family. 

When you donate to HSoMC you are helping us give animals like Bonfire a chance at a new life.  He is one of many that are helped on a daily basis by your donations!

If interested in helping Bonfire and other animals like him, visit our donation page.

November 2017

Zilo is 4-year-old a pub/poodle/yorkie mix. His eye was in such bad shape that he had to have it removed. He was surrendered in September by his former owners and went to his forever home right after his surgery!


The cost of Zilo's surgery was not covered by adoption fees. We rely on donations from our supporters to make sure we can give sweet puppies like Zilo the great life they deserve! Please consider donating to help us continue making a difference.