You can visit by appointment or you can walk-in during our hours of operation. If you are dropping off a stray or a surrender, please call for an intake appointment at 989-835-1877 and speak to our staff first. You can view some of our adoptable pets below and to adopt please submit an application via this link:

Our Vision: All animals in our community have a safe and loving home.

816 Dogs

placed this year through May 2023

498 cats

placed this year through May 2023


cats and dogs placed since 2011

Live Release Rate

In 2022, our Lifesaving Percentages (based on Asilomar Live Release Rate formula) were 99% for dogs and 98% for cats.

In 2021, HSoMC placed 2,190 animals. Placements include adoptions, transfers and return to owners. That equates to over 6 animals per day including holidays and weekends during a global pandemic!


HSoMC is a registered non-profit that relies on the generosity of our community to fund our meaningful mission.

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2023 HSoMC Mascots


The HSoMC 2023 dog mascot is Remi, a Chocolate Lab, owned by Melanie and James. Remi came from a reputable breeder called Critter Creek Farm near Spokane, Washington in 2019.  He’s an absolute hunk of a dog who loves to cuddle!  All 85 lbs of him will sit right in your lap!  Remi loves his dog toys, and really enjoys Frosty Paws treats on a hot day. He is a huge fan of long walks in the woods around home. In true Labrador fashion, Remi’s absolute favorite activity is to hang out in the water at their family cottage on Black Lake.
Remi is a gentle dog who loves everyone he meets. Safe to say, this Lab has never met a stranger. Melanie and James felt it was important to have Remi as the mascot because they wanted to support the great work that HSoMC does for animals in our community. We are thrilled to have this handsome boy representing us this year.

Scooby and Penny

The HSoMC 2023 cat mascots are Scooby and Penny, owned by the Grekowicz family. They describe getting their cats as a “funny story.” Both had always wanted to get a cat, especially an orange cat. One day while checking out at a Walmart, they were casually asked by the cashier if they’d like two kittens, brother and sister, both orange and white. As soon as the Grekowicz’s met the kittens their hearts melted, and they immediately brought them home. Penny and Scooby have been members of the family since 2019.
Scooby is described as a foodie who is a big boy and is probably the reason timed feeders exist.  He enjoys supervised time outside, and like all good cats, he enjoys sleeping. Penny is the more energetic sibling, always in “predator mode” watching birds at the feeder and chirping at squirrels in the yard. She loves attention and will find a lap to snuggle when she’s ready to settle down. Both cats are incredible special and have their own shining personalities.
The Grekowicz family is honored to have Penny and Scooby as the HSoMC mascots because they wanted to support the shelter, but also wanted to show off their beautiful cats to our community!
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