The HSoMC Board of Directors is an elected body of community members that governs the organization based on our by-laws.  Each Director is elected by the membership to serve a three year term with a rotating elections schedule occurring annually in January.

Nikki Rayce, President: Nikki and her family have been volunteers and fosters for the HSoMC since 2011. She is currently employed by MidMichigan Medical Center. Joined board 2018.

Karen Brines, Vice-President, Building Committee Chair: Karen is a dedicated foster and volunteer, retired from City of Midland after 28 years, adoring owner of 4 dogs, 1 of which is a foster failure, 6 cats, 3 of which are foster failures, 1 horse, and 11 chickens. Joined board 2017.

Benjamin Dollard, Treasurer, Budget Committee chair:  Benjamin is a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial for 28 years and is a resident of Midland.  Benjamin also serves on the West Midland Family Center board and Kiwanis Foundation board.  Benjamin and his wife, Kelly, have one dog and two cats. Joined board 2019.

Beth Scoles, Secretary: Beth has been employed by Dow for 14 years.  She is a Dow STEM ambassador and volunteers with local classrooms to promote STEM principles.  She and her husband, Dan, have four dogs.  Joined the HSoMC board in 2019.

Christopher Bowman, Director:  Chris Bowman is Managing Counsel of the Product Litigation & Insurance group at Dow for the past 10 years.  He and his wife, Shelia live in Midland with their four boys, three dogs, cat and bearded dragon.  Joined HSoMC board in 2021.

Dana Courtine, Director:  Dana has 25+ years experience at Dow Inc. in the Information Systems organization with expertise in leadership and employee development, program and project management, and human change management.  Dana and her wife are the proud owner Zeus the 2019-2020 HSoMC dog mascot.  Joined the HSoMC board in 2018.

Julie Eddy, Director:  Julie has been a HSoMC volunteer and member since 2010, creating over 100 videos featuring available animals at the HSoMC shelter.  Julie and her husband have two young daughters, two Boston Terriers and a cat. She is currently employed at the conference center at SVSU. Joined the HSoMC board in 2019.

Tammy Sherman, Director: Tammy is an HR manager at Dow Chemical in Midland, Michigan and she chairs the HSoMC Human Resources committee.  She has adopted and sponsored many pets, as well as rescued, fostered, and helped to get other pets adopted as well as volunteered at the HSoMC.  Joined the board in 2022.

Vicki Snowden, Director:  Vicki is currently a realtor at RE/MAX in Midland, Michigan and an HSoMC volunteer.  Joined the board in 2022.

Diane Husted, Director:  Diane retired from Information Technology. She is looking to assist HSoMC with technology and other needs. She and her wife Kim are owners of five rescue dogs (three from HSoMC), five cats, and 6 parakeets. Joined HSoMC board in 2023.

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