Each year at our annual Ties and Tails gala, the HSoMC auctions the privilege of being named Dog and Cat of the Year.  This year our Dog Mascot will be shared by Olive and Evee from the Soll Family while the Cat Mascot is Lilly along with her dog sister Lollie from the Wilson Family.    These lucky animals will appear on other HSoMC media such as our shelter van throughout the year.

The HSoMC 2021 dog mascots are Olive and Evee, two rescued dogs, owned by the Soll Family. Olive is a stunning 9-year-old Border Collie/Hound mix and Evee is a sweet 3-year-old Lab/Hound mix.  Both girls were adopted from rescue organizations.  Olive from Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue in 2012 and Evee from HSoMC in 2020.  These two awesome rescue dogs have slightly different personalities but are both valued and loved members of their family.

Olive is described as a big time snuggler and sometimes even lets her humans join her for a snuggle.  Even though she’s 9 she isn’t ready to say she’s a senior yet, and still loves to chase down squirrels and rabbits in the yard as one of her favorite past times!  She’s very treat motivated and the Soll family says she will do anything for a snack.  Olive also enjoys rides in the car!

At only 3 years old, Evee is still pretty big into chewing!  She loves chewing her toys and loves taking on the challenge of even the toughest rubber toy.  The Soll family says she loves to play and will try and get Olive and other neighborhood dogs to play chase!  Evee loves barking at the neighbors and their dogs as they pass by, saying hello.  After a hard day of chewing and chase, Evee is usually ready to settle down for a nap on her human dad’s lap.

The Soll family are thrilled to have their dogs featured as the 2021 mascots for HSoMC, stating they have a strong connection to the organization as volunteers and board members.  They want Midland to see their two awesome rescue dogs and hope it will encourage others to adopt.

The HSoMC 2021 cat mascot is Lily, a rescued cat, owned by the Wilson Family. Judging from the photo, you may be a bit confused since Lily looks a bit like a dog!  Sweet Lily, who was adopted from Great Lakes Bay Animal Rescue in 2015 as a kitten, was a little too shy for her photo shoot.  Along came her sister Lollie, a 12.5-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix to the rescue.  Beautiful Lollie will be standing in for her sister Lily in photo form this year. Now back to Lily…The Wilson family chose to adopt her when sadly they lost the littermate to their cat Willow (HSoMC Cat Mascot 2018).  Lily was the perfect age to join their family and her and Willow have been inseparable cat siblings since then.

After adoption, the Wilson’s found out their beautiful Lily might actually be a Chantilly, which is a unique breed of cat.  They discovered this due to her distinctive “chirp” rather than a regular “meow” and also by her wonderful coat of long fur.  Lily is described as being a full-on DIVA.  She keeps her dog sister Lollie in check and the family says that Lollie is actually afraid of Lily!  She takes this diva status to a whole new level, knowing she’s pretty.  The family says she walks around the house as if she’s on an imaginary runway.  They state her coat of fur is so impressive it’s earned her the title “Princess Puffypants.”

Lily can be skittish and timid around new people but her family says this is all bravado when it’s just family nearby.  When it’s just her trusted people, Lily has no fear of anything and is a great hunter.  They also say that despite the challenges 2020 brought to most people, Lily has enjoyed having her human siblings’ home with virtual school and gets sad when they have to go back.

The Wilson family is thrilled to have Lily follow in the footsteps of her big brother Willow as the HSoMC Cat Mascot for 2021.  They look forward to spreading awareness to rescuing animals and showing support for Midland’s only animal shelter, The Humane Society of Midland County.