Funding to help upgrade lighting in the building and out lot and for a new furnace/air conditioner

The Humane Society of Midland County, located at 4371 E. Ashman, has received a grant of $10,000 from the Midland Area Community Foundation.

The grant will provide funding to upgrade the lighting in the building and out lot and for a new furnace/air conditioner. These improvements will reduce operational costs, ensure operational continuity by replacing a  HVAC system which is over 20 years old and has exceeded its estimated operational life, improve lighting in the building interior and provide better outdoor lighting which will enhance safety of people and pets that are walked outdoors, especially during the winter when it gets darker earlier.

Midland Area Community Foundation provides philanthropic leadership to strengthen our community by fostering collaboration and giving today and in the future. The grant opportunity was designed to support nonprofits by identifying avenues to address the long-term sustainability of their organization’s operating expenses. HSoMC worked with Consumers Energy to complete an assessment of the facilities current energy use and identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

HSoMC is proud to serve the Midland community. The shelter provides a safe haven for animals in transition, works to curb animal overpopulation, and conducts ongoing public educational programs to increase a sense of responsibility for their welfare and to foster greater compassion toward all animals. Since opening in 2011, it has placed over 22,000 animals. The organization receives no dedicated governmental funding and relies on revenue generated through adoption fees, the generosity of private donors, fundraising event and grants/awards.