Our aunt, Mary Lou Sperry, came to cats and dogs rather late in her life, after retirement. She got both of her cats from the Humane Society of Midland County. She dotes on them.

Mary Lou has 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and NINE great-grands and she manages to keep track of everyone!

We celebrate her 90th birthday this month!

Tribute to Mary Lou Sperry


In Loving Memory - Pancho

Dog Pancho

We “fostered” Pancho from the HSOMC in 2012. He had never lived off a chain, couldn’t walk on hard floors, and we never let him go after that. He was unequivocally happy, high energy, and had the ability to always find the most comfy position to rest. I thank him for being the best dog to me and my young boys and teaching me that pitbull breeds are not what the world makes them out to be. He passed unexpectedly in 2023 and will be forever in our hearts.

Angel was adopted by Chris and John Noone in May 2019 (the day before Mother’s Day). Angel was an angel. She was about 11 years old and deaf when adopted. Sadly, she passed away in August 2023. Angel was a bright light in our entire family. She was very gentle and helped guide our family’s other rescue dogs. Angel was loved very much and will always be greatly missed!

In Loving Memory - Angel

In Loving Memory - Libby

Libby Lu arrived terrified and would sit and shake uncontrollably. She was comfortable around other dogs, however feared humans. Libby did learn to trust and enjoyed all the attention. She had an interesting sense of humor and would crawl all over you for cheesecake or anything cheese related. Her nickname became “Snuggle Monkey.”  She finally realized after a year that this home was “her home” and began to feel safe. She would prance around the house with her head held high and she would get the zoomies with the other dogs. We were cheated and only had Libby three years before she passed unexpectedly. She will always hold a huge part of our hearts.