Humane Society of Midland County Monthly Newsletter - July-August 2019, Issue #11

Are You Up for the Best Friends Challenge?

So far, 2019 has been an amazing year for the animals that HSoMC has helped, and as of July 31, HSoMC has placed almost 1,000 animals! In addition to our local community (including 27 abandoned kittens last month and described in the article below), we have helped animals nationally and globally, such as the Sterling Heights hoarding situation in February, the five Korean dogs, the two Texas Rescues (total of 50 dogs), and countless dogs from other Michigan counties.* Not only were we able to find homes for those animals and save them from euthanasia, our efforts created space in their original shelter for other displaced animals.
Our community has been generous, but we get no dedicated governmental funding and that is why becoming a Best Friend is so important to our sustainability as an organization; it provides us with a predictable revenue that enables us to budget responsibly so we can ensure our animals get the care they need. Now that summer is ending and we are entering the last half of the year, HSoMC is requesting that you consider becoming a Best Friend. 
Best Friends are a special group of HSoMC donors who give recurring monthly donations. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but by committing to give the same amount for an extended duration of time, YOU help HSoMC.
Our donation levels are as follows:
Giving levels
Remember, Best Friends do not need to be individuals but can be groups of people coming together to support HSoMC. BE CREATIVE! For example, this could be a great service project for students or employee groups. Once you sign up on our website using PayPal, you can manage the amount with minimal effort, and your designated amount will be automatically deducted each month. For more information, please visit our donation page at or contact
*Helping animals from outside Midland County does not impact our ability to help animals locally. HSoMC does not pay for international transport and all animals traveling internationally are vaccinated and quarantined prior to entry to the United States. Revenue from adoptions is one of our primary sources of revenue so this is a “win-win” operation. 

Microchip Today!

A thirty-second procedure involving a device the size of a grain of rice can identify an animal in moments and save you the stress of a lost pet. Both DOGS and CATS should be microchipped. Studies show that microchipped pets are a lot more likely to be reunited with their owners! 58% of dogs with registered microchips got home, which is a 238% increase from other dogs coming into shelters! 38% of cats with registered microchips are getting home which is an outstanding 2000% more than without!!!
Microchips can save lives. Come and get yours today for ONLY $20 at HSoMC! No appointment needed.

27 Kittens Found in Boxes Brought to HSoMC

On July 27, a good samaritan brought in 27 kittens that were dumped on her property right here in Midland County. Many were malnourished and in poor medical condition. 
As you know from previous articles, HSoMC is inundated with cats and kittens this time of year, so this was particularly challenging in terms of space, medical costs and basic provisions, such as food and kitty litter. However, our community stepped up in a big way and we raised over $7,000 in a short time. Additionally, we received many generous physical donations, as you can see below. 
Our fosters and volunteers came together as well and as a result, all but one of those kittens survived. The rest are either adopted or on the road to recovery. THANK YOU to our community for their support.
Keen, Burnie, Gan and Daymond are ready for their new homes.

HSoMC Again Welcomes Texas Dogs and Saves Lives

On Tuesday, August 13, 24 dogs arrived from an overcrowded shelter in Texas. They were driven here by volunteers/employees from the Texas shelter who were more than happy to bring these dogs here to avoid euthanasia, get a chance for a loving home and create space in the Texas shelter for other displaced dogs. Seven dogs were adopted the first day and four of the dogs went to PAWSitive Helpers on Wednesday. Shelter Director Beth Wellman states, “The motto has always been, up until recently, that you just euthanize them to make space. And the excuse is there’s not enough homes for them all, but ultimately what we’re finding is that there are enough homes for them all if we all work together as a nation to find them homes.” All of the dogs arrived spayed/neutered and current on their vaccinations so other than the boarding cost, the cost of bringing these dogs to Midland is incremental. As of the publication of this article, 19 dogs have been adopted.


Namaste with puppies! Thanks to ELEMENT 22 for hosting this successful event!​
Board members Nikki Rayce, Wendy Traschen, Dana Courtine and Jessica Robison join the country singers at the Paws for a Cause concert.​
Our shelter does amazing things, but we are sometimes challenged by its age. A BIG thanks to board member Mark Lollar, his wife, Leah, and friend and volunteer Chris Miller for taking the time to repaint the Cat Room. Additional thanks to Lowe’s for donating materials for this project.​
Seven-year-old beagle Argyle bringing smiles to Bickford Residents.​
What a surprise to find this box from MAX & NEO with toys and cool leashes! Please consider them when buying pet supplies online, as they are a BIG supporter of animal shelters.​
This summer we were a full-service shelter with rabbits and guinea pigs!​
The last of the kittens adopted during Rhoda’s Feline Frenzy.​
Board Member Wendy Traschen (on right and with summer intern Maggie Schaller) adopts kittens Pepper and Wally as the Bolger + Battle office cats.​

Kids’ Corner

Once again, we had an awesome demonstration of kids giving back to their community and showing their love for the animals we care about. Not only do we appreciate the donations, we love seeing these kids stepping up...THANK YOU!
WOW! Jackson raised $250 through a lemonade stand, dog washing and selling his artwork!​
Inspired by Jackson’s story, Kayla, Addison and Logan also had a lemonade stand to raise money for HSoMC.​
The Midland High IB diploma program raised money and donated to HSoMC. GO CHEMICS!​
Reese, Brielle and Garrison (not pictured) also had a lemonade stand. Sales generated a donation to HSoMC in the form of toys, treats and other supplies. ​
Supplies and money were raised from the Twin Terror benefit concert. Thank you!​
Autumn and Crislyn held a bake sale for our animals.​


Shy Sarah finds Safety and Serenity

Sarah is a three-year-old Coonhound that came to HSoMC in December after she was transferred from Detroit Animal Control. At the time, she was heartworm positive and so shutdown that Shelter Director Beth Wellman took her into her own home. Around the same time, Carlee was going through a difficult time after she suddenly and unexpectedly lost her dog on December 15. She happened to see Sarah’s photo on the HSoMC Instagram page and there was an instant connection.
On January 10, Carlee drove two hours to meet Sarah in person and said, “I wasn’t sure what I was doing, thinking of adopting another dog so soon after my loss. I met her, saw her little face and it all hit me at once. It wasn’t about me or my pain. I smiled for the first time in a month. We needed each other.” Three days later, Carlee came back and adopted Sarah on January 13, exactly one month after Sarah had gone into foster care. Sarah quickly made friends with her canine siblings, Remi, a 10-year-old Foxhound, and El D, a 14-year-old Coonhound.
Sarah chilling on the couch with El D
Her heartworm has been treated, and Carlee describes Sarah as “sweet, shy and stubborn and she makes me laugh every single day. She’s still getting used to all the sounds and routines, but it has been wonderful watching her come out of her shell. She gets along with every dog she meets and LOVES going with me to visit my family. Her favorite things are wiggling on the couch, digging through the toy box and snuggling in my bed. It’s going to be a long road for her. It seems like she has been abused and her doctor mentioned it looks like her teeth were filed down for hunting. I don’t know what she’s been through, but I’ll spend the rest of her life making it up to her. I’m so grateful to Beth Wellman and HSoMC for bringing us together. Sarah was meant to be part of my family.”
Sarah enjoying a cornucopia of toys and sleeping after an exhausting day!
While a new dog can never replace a beloved companion, our hearts are often big enough to make room for another animal in need. Thank you to Carlee for giving Sarah the life she deserves!

Upcoming Events

Work Out for Wags & Whiskers 
August 28, 2019
Balanced Body Fitness, Sanford
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Grab your friends and join us to sweat your tail off with cardio boxing and STRONG by Zumba®. Animals available for adoption from the Humane Society of Midland County will be on-site for cuddles and pets after each workout. 
The studio will also be open for cash and supply donations to the Humane Society. Tickets will be available at the door at the cost of $20 for one workout or $30 for both. 
To RSVP, email
Ninth Annual Ties & Tails Gala 
October 11, 2019
Midland Country Club
7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 
Tickets go on sale August 23, 2019
Join us for the black-tie optional gala, featuring entertainment by Brett Mitchell & the Mitchfits, a live/silent auction, a pooch parade, cocktails and unique hors d’oeuvres created by executive chef Nate Sell.
2019 Chairs:
Melanie Kalmar and Jim Cordes
Dr. Blake and Tammy Bergeon
Jim and Kate Nigro
Include your pet with a pass to the Doggie Spa hosted by Poochies Pit Stop! This includes the pet parade, pup-tinis, essential oils massage and paw-parazzi photo shoot.

Board Members and Officers

President, Nikki Rayce
Vice President, Lynn Looby
Treasurer, Mark Lollar
Secretary, Jessica Robison
Karen Brines, Director
Dana Courtine, Director
Julie Eddy, Director
Beth Scoles, Director
Wendy Traschen, Director

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed within the shelter! If you would like to help, we are in need of volunteers to assist with dog walking, cleaning cat cages, general housekeeping and fostering pets in need. If you would like to find out more, please contact Volunteer and Foster Coordinator Diane Winkler at
For more information or to become a volunteer or donate, visit our website at or our Facebook page at
In 2018, HSoMC placed over 2,000 animals. That equates to more than five animals per day including holidays and weekends! If you would like to become a member, please complete and submit our membership form.

Thank You

Thank you to our donors, members, volunteers, and staff! And a special thanks to Midland Neighbors for featuring HSoMC in their monthly issues.
Articles written by Casey Nicholson and Lynn Looby. Photography by Deb Lambesis, Lisa Weldy and Jenna Dunn.
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